Reporting of potential cases of severe lung illness in US

In relation to reports from US and also covered by Irish media today, below is IVVA response to these alarmist headlines.

Facts Point to Black Market THC Products in Tragic US Death from ‘Vaping’

In recent days / weeks there has been ever growing alarmist headlines stating that vaping leads to severe lung disease. However, when one investigates a little further, the growing evidence is that illegal street vapes containing THC or other illegal drugs are responsible for these illnesses, NOT nicotine vaping products.

All nicotine containing eliquids sold in Ireland and EU are regulated by EU TPD, and these liquids undergo toxicology testing, and must be approved before been placed on the market. 

There have been no such reported lung illnesses associated with vaping in Ireland. According to Public Health England, and backed up by many other bodies including Cancer Research UK & Royal College of Physicians vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. In Ireland vaping still remains the most popular method to quit smoking.