The Irish Vape Vendors Association (IVVA) was set up as an association limited by guarantee in 2014, after the coming together of a number of vendors who all share common goals.

The aims of the IVVA are :

  • To promote and protect the business interests of vendors of vaping products in Ireland.

  • To represent the views of our members on matters relating to the industry.

  • To act as as advisory service on behalf of our members with respect to legislation, industry changes, emerging scientific data, etc..

  • To advocate for fair and appropriate legislation for the independent vaping industry which will keep vaping products readily available and affordable for the Irish consumer.
  • To ensure our members sign up to and adhere to a code of conduct that promotes best industry practice which safeguards both the advancement of the independent industry and consumer peace of mind.
  • To give consumers the confidence that they are purchasing from companies that are legitimate and ethical in their businesses within this industry.