Code of Conduct

All members of the IVVA are required to sign up to the following code of conduct :

  • Members agree to abide by all relevant national and EU legislation in the conduct of their businesses.

  • Members will not sell or supply vaping products or e-liquid to people under 18 years, and must have this clearly stated on their website and/or signage in their retail outlets to reflect this.

  • Members will not make unsupported health or quit claims regarding vaping products, and clearly display a disclaimer that reflects this on their website and/or in their retail outlets.

  • Members will clearly state on their websites or in their retail outlets that vaping products are intended for the use of adult smokers and are not intended for use by non-smokers.

  • Members agree to implementing best industry practices such as product labeling, and advising customers regarding the storage and safety of the product.
  • Members agree not to engage in the sale or supply of products intended for the use with substances deemed to be illegal in Ireland.

  • Members must be able to present the traceability of their products from manufacture through to importation and sale.
  • Members agree that all batteries comply with CE certification.

  • Members accept that the association may perform ‘secret shopper’ surveys without prior notification.

  • Members shall respect other association members and not engage in activities that publicly berate or attack their businesses.

  • All members agree to pay association fees in a timely manner.

  • Members shall respect the confidentiality of all business matters of the association, and all correspondence related to it.