IVVA’s 3rd industry seminar takes place in Dublin, May 11th

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With the full impact of the TPD regulations coming into force this month, a new phase begins for the independent vape industry in Ireland.

The coming months will be challenging as the enforcement of the regulations takes shape, and other Irish & EU regulations that affect how vape companies do business are decided on.

However, with the growing acceptance of vaping as a safer alternative to smoking in Ireland and beyond, there are opportunities for Irish vape companies to expand and thrive in this regulated market.

The IVVA, acting as the credible voice for the independent vape industry, will continue to work on our robust strategy that ensures the needs and views of the small businesses in this industry are heard by policy makers and wider stakeholders.

Topics that will be covered in this seminar include:

– Industry engagement and the implementation of TPD
– Opportunities arising from compliance
– Fighting the proposed excise tax at national and EU levels
– Getting your business GDPR ready
– Insuring your business with industry-specific solutions
– Overview of current scientific evidence
– Industry standards – CEN TC 437 and beyond

A booking form can be downloaded below and if you require any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on admin@ivva.ie or by phoning (089) 4600690

We believe this event will prove a valuable resource for those working in our industry here in Ireland, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Gillian Golden,
IVVA Administrator.

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The cost is €55 per delegate including refreshments.

Completed booking forms should be returned via e-mail to admin@ivva.ie before close of business on Monday 8th of May.

Payment can be accepted via PayPal (click below)

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Parking is available close to the hotel at two Q-Park locations:

Q-Park Dawson Street at Schoolhouse Lane
Q-Park Setanta at Setanta Place

You can pre-book your parking online by following either of the links above.