IVVA welcomes IMO conference motion but warns of impact of HSE delays

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Irish Vape Vendors Association welcomes the motion on vaping passed by doctors at the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) annual conference in Galway today.


The general motion, proposed by Dr Garrett McGovern and seconded by Dr Cathal O’Suilliobhain, both GPs, was carried with amendment, and reads:

The IMO recognises e-cigarettes as a potentially effective tool for smoking cessation and a far safer alternative to tobacco. The burden of tobacco harm in Ireland continues to be high and any intervention that reduces this toll should be welcomed.





“Recognition by the IMO that switching to vaping is safer than continuing to smoke sends a positive message to Irish smokers who may have been previously misled by media scare stories”, said IVVA administrator Gillian Golden.

”What we need now is for the government and the HSE to consider whether the policies on these products are evidence based and if the current EU regulations on them will be enforced efficiently. Currently, independent vape companies are waiting over 5 months for the HSE to make public the list of products which can legally be sold after May 19th.

As well as manufacturers being left not knowing if their products can be sold after the May deadline, individual shop owners are being offered products by distributors outside of Ireland which may not be compliant with the new regulations.

However, due to the HSE’s delay, they have no way of checking if these products have gone through the necessary safety tests and notification process to be sold legally on the Irish market.

Consumer safety is of utmost importance to the IVVA, so we hope the situation can be rectified swiftly”.


IMO motions in full : http://www.imo.ie/news-media/agm/agm-2017/motions/general-motions-2017/index.xml[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]