Irish Vape Vendors Association Launch General Election Manifesto

In the run up to General Election 2020, the Irish Vape Vendors Association (IVVA) have launched their manifesto. This manifesto will be be sent to all political parties.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in Ireland with almost 6,000 smokers dying each year from smoking related diseases. There is never a situation where it is better to smoke than it is to vape, and we know since 2016 that vaping is at least 95 per cent less harmful than smoking, according to Public Health England (PHE) and the Royal College of Physicians.

There is a vibrant independent vape industry in Ireland providing vaping consumers with a wide range of quality vape products. These shops are helping smokers make the switch to vaping and helping smokers become smoke free on a daily basis, with no cost to the state.

In this manifesto, we set out the significant potential that vaping offers to improve public health and save the taxpayer money whilst at the same time providing employment and tax monies to the exchequer.

Click here to Download IVVA General Election Manifesto (PDF)