IVVA comment on #Budget2018

The IVVA have consistently called for vape products not to be subjected to tobacco-like excises taxes. We therefore welcome the Government’s decision not to apply an excise tax on liquids in today’s Budget 2018 announcement. This will act as a further incentive to smokers who wish to switch to a safer alternative.

The Royal College of Physicians, London and Public Health England have found that the risks of vaping are likely to be less than 5% of the risks of smoking. Researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland estimate that the cancer risks are 1% that of tobacco cigarettes.

However, with a recent study from the US highlighting how many early deaths from smoking could be avoided if smokers switched to vaping, it is clear that the Government need to do more to inform smokers about e-cigarettes.

In the UK, where 3 million smokers are already using the products, Public Health England have included vaping in their month long public information campaigns during October.

This has been a response to the potential benefits of the products, and increase in the number of people there who wrongly believe that vaping is harmful or as harmful as smoking and are being put off by misinformation.

Gillian Golden of the IVVA said:

“In Ireland we see the same thing, smokers have been put off switching due to sensational media reports and they wrongly believe that there’s no point in giving vaping a try.

Independent Irish businesses are prohibited from advertising vaping products to adult smokers, and new regulations on the products themselves make them less attractive.

The Government clearly agrees that by not taxing them, they’re of benefit to public health so we would now welcome action by the Government and the Department of Health which encourages smokers to make the switch.”


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Up to 6.6 million early deaths in America might be averted over 10 years if smokers switched to e-cigarettes, and the nicotine delivery devices should be adopted as part of an “endgame for cigarette smoking” – Reuters : https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-ecigarettes/switching-to-e-cigarettes-could-save-6-6-million-american-smokers-researchers-idUSKCN1C72UJ