About vaping products

  • Vaping products (or ”electronic cigarettes”) are nicotine delivery devices that offer adult smokers an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • They contain no tar or burning material, nor have any of the ingredients found to be carcinogenic, and they come in a myriad of different types and models.
  • Many people find the transition from smoking tobacco to using vaping devices is helped by the fact that there is such a broad range of different devices with different features on the market.
  • They all share the basic premise that a battery heats up a heating element (or coil), which in turn vapourizes a liquid solution that is then inhaled by the user.
  • The ingredients of the liquid (often called ‘e-liquid’) are –

– propylene glycol

– vegetable glycerol

– food grade flavourings

– nicotine (although liquids are also available with zero nicotine)